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Cum Play In Our Worlds!

The office building certainly looks innocuous enough as you approach it; a modern edifice of concrete, steel and tinted glass situated among so many similar structures in the heart of an anonymous business district. You have seen such buildings in many cities; home to a thousand different facets of those essential, though mostly boring, industries which provide the underpinning of modern society. But as you draw nearer, you are able to read the small brass plaque beside smoked glass entrance doors and you feel a sudden surge of excitement.

This is the place for which you had been searching for so long!

The words themselves give no obvious cause for anticipation. The inscription blandly reads ‘Stormbringer Enterprises – Media and Design’. Not the sort of thing to make the blood race through your veins. But there are all those hints you followed to find this place; the whispered words spoken in quiet corners of bars and the more direct clues sifted from amongst endless reams of fanciful drivel in internet chat rooms. If your belief is right, there is more than meets the eye behind this innocent frontage; much more!

Nayelli looking receptive as a receptionist

Squaring your shoulders you push the door open and step inside. The foyer is very much what one would expect to find in such a building, vaguely reminiscent of a mid-priced hotel and about as inspiring. But if the setting is ordinary, you hardly notice because your eyes are immediately drawn to the reception desk; or more accurately, to the people behind it. A tall man dressed in rather formal office manager's attire is standing close behind the receptionist, looking over her shoulder as though studying some report on her desk. But the stack of papers there are obviously not his point of interest. Rather his arm is looped over her shoulder with one hand pushed inside her scanty top, partially exposing an impressive pair of tits which he is evidently exploring with great enthusiasm...

“Hello! Can we help you!”

It takes an effort to draw your attention from those jutting, honey colored peaks, encased in a skimpy covering that looks as though it might fall apart at any moment. They are so hypnotically compelling. The man obviously agrees with you since he seems in no particular hurry to release his grasp on those swollen mounds. Your eyes keep getting drawn back to their magnetic perfection and to the way you can see the outlines of his fingers manipulating them through the sheer material. But reluctantly you make the journey to the area from which that mildly exasperated voice emanates.

With a determined display of mental strength you focus on the very attractive face of a Native American girl, her tawny skin suffused with an extensive blush while her expression is trying without much success to look both embarrassed and businesslike at the same time. “Hello! Welcome to Stormbringer Enterprises. I’m Nayelli and this is Mr. Stormbringer. Can I help you?” The man remains silent but his eyes appear to be laughing at your combination of shock and jealousy as he continues to fondle the girl.

“Well, I heard that you... That I can get to...“ Flustered by the mammary distractions you try to remember what you came here for.

“Certainly not! I belong to Mr Stormbringer. You're probably thinking of Candice!”

That confuses you even more. But with an effort you collect your thoughts and explain that you want to look around. Nayelli brightens up immediately though the blush isn't about to depart any time soon and she squirms noticably from the fondling. “You wish to visit our artists’ studios?” she asks in a rather ragged tone. "Then you'll be needing to see Candice. She has much bigger breasts than I do."

“Well actually I came to check out the writers,” you reply, your own blush responding to her rather cutting reference to how obvious the focus of most of your attention has been up to this point. “Though if Candice is half as pretty as you...” you try gallantry, whilst wondering just how big that other girl's tits must be. After all, the receptionist is hardly lacking in this department herself.

“Oh she is far prettier. But don't worry about it, you can always check out Erotic Illusions later. That's where she works. And besides, you’ll want to meet Reo. She’s the one who guides everyone around the literary section. You’ll like her; she never wears any clothes.”

That sounds even more promising, so you leave the girl in the obviously capable hands of her boss and head for the elevator. After a short journey, the doors open again and you step out onto a corridor containing nothing except a few anonymous closed doors on either side. Selecting the nearest one, you throw it open and could swear the warm scent of a summer meadow gusts out into the passageway.

Looking through the doorway you are amazed to see what must be a movie set or something, since the room seems to be filled with trees. In fact, if you didn't know you were several floors up from ground level, you could easily believe you had stepped back out into the open air and found yourself in the heart of an ancient forest.

The door is open before you. Will you enter the domain of Libris Erotica?

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