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Hello! You found us! I’m so happy to see you! In case you don’t know – I’m Reohoko, your guide to the mystical lands within, to the magical doors in this level – and others if you are eager to explore them. Personally, I have explored quite a few, ventured into the secret caverns, touched the tender mermaid face, chased by the seeking tentacles of an alien, romanced by the tall dark haired pool boy, and there are still more tales to delve into. Mystery, romance, sci fi, fantasy, so many tales, so many beautiful people, and so much sex! Endless pages of sex! I’ll hold your hand, ummm – or that, and we can wander through and explore. Sometimes the path gets a little dark, just hold on, we won’t get too lost.

Me? Well, there is a tale – what else would you find in a mystical world where stories come to life and beckon you in? I’m a dryad, sweet, innocent, and ever so humble. I would do anything for chocolate – and ice cream – you didn’t happen to bring any, did you? A lot of the writers leave some sweets along the path, it helps me remember which way to go – especially when I am a little distracted. You can share the sweets, there are preview pages too, which ever you prefer. Either way, your fingers can do the walking – well, I meant the pages, but there too…

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Ah well, where were we? Of course, as your guide, I promise to never seek out clothing, always seek out new adult sex stories, and well… yes, you can put your hand there if you walk while we talk. We simply cannot get to the next page if we stand in the open door…

WELCOME to the erotic lands of Libris Erotica! Home to adult tales, dreamy worlds of sexy babes, tempting temptresses, and monsters with huge… well I cannot give away all the tales, you have to read them! Come on in, and CUM PLAY IN OUR WORLDS!!! I promise to hold on as tight as you want.

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When I'm not busy exploring the exciting sexy stories here at Libris Erotica there are a few other web sites that keep me... ummm... entertained. I'm sure you would like them too but remember to come back here soon and keep me company!

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